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Mileva Marić

Serbian mathematician and wife of Albert Einstein

Date of Birth: 19-Dec-1875

Place of Birth: Titel, Vojvodina, Serbia

Date of Death: 04-Aug-1948

Profession: scientist, teacher, physicist, mathematician

Nationality: Switzerland, Germany

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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About Mileva Marić

  • Mileva Maric (Serbian Cyrillic: ?????? ?????; December 19, 1875 – August 4, 1948), sometimes called Mileva Maric-Einstein or Mileva Maric-Ajnštajn, was a Serbian physicist and mathematician and the first wife of Albert Einstein from 1903-19.
  • She was the only woman among Einstein's fellow students at Zürich's Polytechnic and was the second woman to finish a full program of study at the Department of Mathematics and Physics.
  • Maric and Einstein were collaborators and lovers and had a daughter Lieserl in 1902, whose fate is unknown.
  • They later had two sons, Hans Albert and Eduard. They separated in 1914, with Maric taking the boys and returning to Zurich from Berlin.
  • They divorced in 1919; that year Einstein married again.
  • When he received the Nobel Prize in 1921, he transferred the money to Maric, chiefly to support their sons; she had access to the interest.
  • In 1930 at about age 20, their second son Eduard had a breakdown and was diagnosed with schizophrenia.
  • With expenses mounting by the late 1930s for his institutional care, Maric sold two of the three houses she and Einstein had purchased.
  • He made regular contributions to his sons' care, which he continued after emigrating to the United States with his second wife (Elsa, his first cousin).

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