Ion Budai-Deleanu, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


Ion Budai-Deleanu

Romanian philologist, historian and writer

Date of Birth: 06-Jan-1760

Place of Birth: Cigmău, Hunedoara County, Romania

Date of Death: 24-Aug-1820

Profession: writer, poet, historian, translator, ethnologist, romanist, prosaist, philologist, linguist, legal scholar

Nationality: Romania

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

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About Ion Budai-Deleanu

  • Ion Budai-Deleanu (1760-1820) was a Romanian scholar and poet, born in Transylvania.Budai-Deleanu studied in the College of Saint Barbara in Vienna.
  • After completing his doctorate at the University of Erlau, he settled in Lemberg (now Lviv in Ukraine).
  • He finished an epic poem, entitled ?iganiada ("Gypsy Epic"), about a band of gypsies that fought alongside the army of Vlad the Impaler, the medieval ruler of Wallachia.He was one of the first proponents of the idea of the unification of the lands that now form Romania.
  • He proposed that the union should be achieved under the rule of the Habsburgs, through the annexation of Wallachia and Moldavia into the Grand Principality of Transylvania.According to Budai-Deleanu, the Dacians did not have a role in the ethnogenesis of the Romanian people.
  • He thought that the Dacians were the ancestors of the Poles.He promoted the purification of the Romanian language from loanwords, proposing that only borrowings from Italian and French should be permitted.
  • He also strove for the replacement of the Cyrillic script with the Latin alphabet.

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