George, Crown Prince of Serbia, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death


George, Crown Prince of Serbia

Serbian prince

Date of Birth: 27-Aug-1887

Place of Birth: Cetinje, Old Royal Capital Cetinje, Montenegro

Date of Death: 17-Oct-1972

Profession: military officer, prince

Nationality: Serbia

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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About George, Crown Prince of Serbia

  • George, Crown Prince of Serbia (Serbian: ????? ???????????? / Ðorde Karadordevic; 27 August 1887 – 17 October 1972), was the eldest son of King Peter I and Zorka of Montenegro.
  • He was the older brother of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. In 1909, Crown Prince George killed his servant, and following a negative campaign in the press, he was compelled to give up his claim to the throne.
  • He later served with distinction in the army, was severely wounded during the First World War, and thereby became popular in the country, which aroused the alarm of his younger brother.
  • In 1925, his brother, the King, had him arrested, declared insane, and locked in an asylum.
  • He remained confined there for nearly two decades, until released by the German occupying force during World War II.
  • After that war ended, he was the only member of the royal family not to be sent into exile and declared an enemy of the state.
  • He married in 1947, aged 60, and although he had no children, his last years were relatively happy and peaceful.

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